Background and history

of Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy

Back to the original perfection

Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy was created by me in the year 2011. It works with melody sequences that are sung with the human voice. This is a totally new method of working with healing through sound. Dao-Tha is expressing the background of what this is all about.
The word Dao comes from the east and its meaning is: „the unmanifested state of being,and the pathway to find it within“ The pathway to a new state of consciousness.
The word Tha comes from a kaballistic source. It is part of Ka-Tha-Ra and stands for the universal sound or music of creation, the Divine song, that sings everything into existence.

How everything started

Mr. Schümperli, the founder of the Atlasprofilax method, learned about 30 years ago that the Atlas, the first vertebra of the spine, is misplaced in almost every human from birth. I had the chance to meet him, while he was still alive. I learned his method Atlasprofilax and worked with it for some years.

He also saw, that the animals he tested also had the atlas misplaced. Cats, dogs and horses had been his focus there. He created interest in the scientific world with his findings. In several countries his findings have been scientifically researched and proven. Nevertheless those test results were not enough to get him internationally approved.

Schümprli‘s findings are the basis of my Soundcode work for Atlas and Body in Balance. With every client I saw, I was able to prove that he is right in saying that the Atlas is misplaced from birth. Since my approach is just working with light touch and singing, (and does not use a machine like Atlasprofilax,) the method I am working with is safe and uses no physical manipulation whatsoever.

I was able to quickly recognize that the tailbone region needs attention as well, if the body is to find a new healthy alignment from top to bottom. Working with the Xyphoid-region also supports the system in aligning itself horizontally. All of these regions seem to be critical for a proper functioning of the entire musculoskeletal system.

A few years later I recognized that it is also important to give information of harmonic and balanced functioning to the organs, endocrine glands, meridians and chakras. Those soundcodes work in a universal sense and are not meant to heal specific diseases.

They are supportive tools in self-regulation and self-healing processes of any kind. Before I officially started to work with all of these soundcodes and even teach them, I researched and tested to ensure they are working in the best way possible. I have trained at least 170 people throughout the years. These people who are working in 19 countries on 6 continents, have validated my findings when they worked with humans and animals.

I was privileged to find a very unusual and effective way of working with sound and healing. I am happy to see the effects almost every day of my life.

However I do not claim to replace any treatment or diagnoses of the experts in healing, – MDs, chiropractors and healing practitioners. It is up to them to do this work and I am happy to have them at my side, when they want to participate in some of my classes.

It is a foregone conclusion that I cannot make any promisses concerning the effects of my treatments. Everybody is different and so the reactions to any kind of soundcode work will be different from person to person and animal to animal. We are all doing our best to help in the most effective way possible. And we are delighted when we see people or animals get a relief from their issues.