Sessions for humans

Atlas and body in balance sessions:

For helping the body to find a new balance in the vertical as well as the horizontal we usually do not need more than 3 sessions. When the Atlas has find his stability under the base of the scull it will stay there, even if accidents and falls might have an effect on the cervical region. It will be much easier then to help the body to heal a trauma or a shock in the cervical region and even in the whole spine.

And this is how we would work with your system:

The first session will be working with the Atlas and then from there downward to inform the body-mind-soul about a new, healthy alignment from up to down.

In the second treatment we will start with fine tuning and follow up for the Atlas session. Then we will focus on the tailebone region and then direct our attention upward toward the Atlas.

The third session will again be a follow up for session 1 and 2. After that we will work on the horizontal alignment, both in the physical as well as on all of the subtle levels. With this session we will usually conclude the Soundcode work for Atlas and Body in Balance.

In addition we can offer to work for the basic wellness of organs, endocrine glands, meridians, chakras and the nervious systems. This will again be done through singing Soundcodes to the respective areas.

The effects of Soundcode Therapy for Atlas and Body in Balance

The physical body right after the session is over the body starts an unwinding process of self-healing. First it translates the centering effects of the Atlas’s newfound symmetry throughout the system from top to bottom. Through the activity of the spinal nerves, effects might also be seen on the other systems and organs of the body. It makes sense to support the body during this profound self-healing process by offering it massages, CranioSacral Therapy, shiatsu treatments, stretching, balanced nutrition, and perhaps supplements. Moving the whole body in dancing or swimming might also be very helpful.

What is unique about this work?

  • Atlas in Balance usually requires only one or two sessions to create a stabilized system.
  • It can be supportive in the relief of old issues and pains.
  • The balanced Atlas is a helpful means for the physical as well as all of the subtle bodies to be able to more easily cope with the transformation, changes and upgrades that our systems are going through in the present time on this earth plain.

The emotional and mental systems along with the changes in the posture of the body, old traumas may be released, limiting thought patterns and emotions may surface and dissolve. Sometimes people might experience intense dreams. Even depression and mental disorders will often be influenced in a positive way through this modality.

The spiritual level since the Atlas region is considered a very sacred place in the body, most likely the connection with the divine source will be strengthened through this work. Along with the release of physical blockages along the spine, the flow of divine energy through the so called „nadis“ which are along the sides of the spine might be freed as well to a certain extent. In many cases altered states of consciousness can be experienced, such as feelings of inner peace and tranquility, or a state of love and connectedness with the flow of life. All of this happens naturally and cannot be predicted.