Work with animals

The work on the atlas for animals is still largely unknown. Here, too, Mr. Schümperli, the founder of the Atlasprofilax method gave first impulses by finding out in his research that the atlas was also turned and shifted in all the horses, dogs and cats he saw. The realization was new I have not found it in the medical literature so describe. My experiences have shown it over and over again. My students and I then discovered and hypothesized that this atlas shift appears to affect all mammals, with few exceptions – even the wild ones interestingly enough! We are curious to see if veterinary medicine can confirm these findings in the future.

Elisabeth sings a horse in Husum Germany

There are 2 hours between these two pictures.

Horse and rider before

Horse and rider after

Our observation is that working on the atlas for animals is not only useful but very important!

Especially in our work with horses, it became clear to us again and again how central the atlas was also for healthy, optimal functions in animals – similar to humans. Racehorses, horses, which should bring performance, whether in dressage or show jumping, will, according to all the observations that I have been able to make so far, benefit enormously from the sound codes. In my opinion, they are highly sensitive and therefore – what is known in music therapy – very susceptible to sounds and sounds. The medical science has no explanation, but I have experienced it again and again.

Of course, there are no guarantees for a specific reaction either in humans or in animals, because every organism is unique and will therefore react individually.

I work with specific soundcodes whose origin can already be found in the ancient cultures, as an addition to our own Celtic-Germanic culture, and call this work Dao-Tha Soundcode Therapy. And my experience has shown that in many cases where you do not get any result with your sessions working for the atlas is the sensible next step!
In addition, the body is provided with information that helps it to find new ways in a healthy body statics. The so-called „natural obliquity“ in horses could, so my observation and my students can confirm, have their cause in the skewed atlas.

This too is a pure conjecture on my part, as I have so far no scientific evidence for this assumption. However, I have often experienced that the „natural obliquity“ after working with soundcodes on the atlas is no longer visible, neither in the horse, nor in the dog. With older the dogs this misalignment becomes more and more visible.

It remains to be seen when and to what extent the mainstream veterinary medicine will confirm this observation.

Sessions for animals:

With horses we usually work 2 to 3 times, because their system is very complex and needs attention in different regions. Dogs and cats usually only need 2 sessions, one for the actual work with the atlas and the second one for fine tuning and follow up.

Relaxed animals after the session